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Terry Cortland

Terry is a young guy, fresh out of college, and trying to make his way through life as a graphic designer in a dreary city in Nebraska. He got fired recently for taking a PowerBook to his job, where Macs are prohibited, and now he's busy looking for a job.

Chad Wieser

He's the lead sales rep at Wieser Graphics and will promise customers anything to make a sale. He doesn't know much about printing or graphics, but he's proud to say, "I don't know what can't be done!"

M. Todd Green

Todd is a general computer whiz and a notorious software pirate. He manages the Wieser Graphics servers and relies heavily on the fact that his boss has no clue what he really does all day.


Angie is the graphic designer at Wieser Graphics, and now that Terry is gone, her workload is a bit heavy. She's been one of Terry's best friends since childhood.

Corey Cortland

Cortland's kid brother is a student at the university. He's in charge of defending the Mac lab from the forces of evil (namely the Network Services team who want to replace all the Macs with cheap PCs).


This loathsome creature is the manifestation of all of humanity's technological nightmares. He's the one who fills your inbox with spam, your floppies with Word Macro viruses, and your Zip disk with bad sectors (which are usually right on top of that term paper that's due tomorrow).

The Consultant

This little twerp was an android, and the faithful servant of the dark lord I.T. His goal was to build a world where machines control mankind rather than the other way around. Fortunately, he's no longer much of a threat to anyone. Or so we think.

Angry Bob

He's the generic boss at a small local company. He's a bit incompetent at running his business, but he makes up for it by yelling at everyone. He also inists on using cheap PCs.

Terry's Dad

He's a professor of an east coast university, a staunch conservative who was able to keep his ideology safely in the closet until he applied for tenure.


He's the CEO of a large computer company. You might think he resembles some real-life CEO. You are mistaken.

There. That should keep the lawyers happy.

Robyn Steele

She's an account executive for Adolph and Associates, a local advertising agency. She's one of Wieser Graphics nastiest customers, and a real prickly woman to deal with.


Duane is Wieser's only printer, a rather surly gentleman who sometimes gets a bit fed up with Chad and his crazy promises.

The Boss

He's the owner of Wieser Graphics, Chad's father, and a rather nonexistent character. He knows even less about printng than his son, and he usually spends his days playing golf badly at the local country club.


Beanie is a spunky tomboy whose mouth is often bigger than her head. She doesn't mind getting rough with other obnoxious kids in her class, and she's more than eager to stick up for her friend Weenie when he gets picked on, which is often.


Weenie is a rather shy, quiet kid who hates sports and prefers reading to television. He's also a pretty smart kid who likes working with computers. His teachers adore him, which makes him the natural enemy of just about everyone in school.

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