This is one of the first characters I ever drew during my "renaissance" period in 1995, when our family moved to Nebraska and I rediscovered my passion for drawing cartoons! I called him Chip at the time. Eventually, I would rename him Terry Cortland.

Here's Terry back in 1998, right around the time I started college. Then he was called Elliot Elve, and he was a nerdy rival for Weenie. I perceived him as a kind of PC geek at the time.

A lot of changes took place in 1999. Elliot Elve (left) started off staying generally the same. Then in the summer, while doing data entry at Inventive Communications, I reconceived the character as Terry Auran, and gave him a gold color scheme for his clothes. He was still a PC geek. The freckles came and went.

I played with colors some more in 2000. In the spring, I gave Terry all-American colors with blue jeans,w hite t-shirt and red flannel shirt. I love this look and eventually came back to it. During the summer and fall, though, I gave Weenie the patriotic colors and gave Terry some mix-matched secndary colors, green, orange, and purple.

In 2001, my attention focused primarily on Beanie and Weenie, and a new comic strip called Matt Anthony in Wayne. Terry go his old clothes back, but I didn't do much with him. Look at how lonely he looked back then! How sad.

In 2002, Terry came back to live and I started drawing him like crazy. He became the star of my college strip and I found I just couldn't stop drawing him, escpially that crazy hair of his! After graduation, I decided to keep him around in a new comic strip which I pitched to ATPM and they offered to run. I changed Terry's last name to Cortland, a very delicious apple.

For halloween, I had Terry and his boss dress up as each other. This was a real test to see if his new "look" was recognizable.

I kept drawing Terry on into 2003, as you can see from all the strips I did back then!

In 2004, after I lost my job, all my characters went through a few changes. Specifically, it was the eyes. I'd been toying with the idea of doing the eyes differently for years, but the old "Simpson-esque" look was ingrained in my brain. I would often sketch other people and noticed their eyes took on a "line and dot" appearance almost instinctively. I used this look with my characters Gorf and Sluggo. Now I've adapted it to my human characters.

Now you'll all up to date! Congratulations.