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Frisky's Freeware exists mostly because there is so much free software out there on the world-wide web, but so far I haven't found any sites that have free software, and nothing else.

"And who is Frisky?" you might ask. He's a guinea pig! It's his job to scour the internet and track down the best free software for the Macintosh!

What you will find here: free software for the Macintosh platform. You are permitted to use every software title listed in Frisky's Freeware without any cost or obligation. Please note a few software packages, particularly PGP freeware, are restricted to personal use and is not meant for commercial use. Please refer to the software's license agreement in this case.

Other software, like MacMAME and FinderPop, is distributed as "donationware" and "pintware" respectively, whereby the user is invited to voluntarily spend money if he chooses to either support a chairty or give author a pint of ale.

In any case, payment for software is not required for any software listed here.

What you will not find here: Demonstration software, "plug-ins" for commercial titles, or any kind of "shareware." There is no software listed here that requires any kind of payment on the user's part, and none of the software here requires the user to own another commercial program in order to use it.

Frisky Freeware

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