Freeware Graveyard

It happens every now and then. An aspiring programmer creates some neat software, distributes it for free, and it becomes wildly popular. The author then says, "I was a fool! Look how popular my software is! I should have charged money for it!" The author then starts charging for his software, users lose interest, and it suddenly becomes unpopular and dies.

MenuCalendarClock -- Born: Free, Died: $18.95
The shareware version is virtually identical to the free version, so the author removed the free version from the Internet. Too bad for him, we have a copy here for you! 

POPmonitor X -- Born: Free, Died: $25
Deletes unwanted e-mail without downloading it. Hasn't been updated since moving to the dark side.

MacJournal -- Born: Free, Died: $24.95
Keeps a personal, encrypted journal on your Mac.

ASM-- Born: Free, Died: $12
Brings back the Application menu with an easy-to-use preference panel.

DiskCatalogMaker -- Born: Free, Died: $18
A champion as freeware, this little gem must now compete against the big boys in the disk-cataloging arena. A real shame. The freeware versions are still online.

Captain Bumper -- this game didn't stay free for long. Never tried it before, though.

File Freak -- Born: Free, Died, $13
This was one of my favorite freewares, and I'd used it since it was The Apper. Now it's been rendered pretty much useless thanks to Spotlight and other Apple innovations. Take that, you shareware pussy!

VolumeRocker -- Born: Free, Died: $5
This volume-setting control strip was great! Why'd it have to go to the dark side?

PrefsOverload -- Born: Free, Died: $15
Clean out your preferences folder and see which files you really need.

FontShowcase -- Born: Free, Died: $15
Filled the void of printing a list of fonts in your computer, this program was terrific as freeware, but certainly not worth the new $15 fee.

Lame MP3 -- Born: Free, Died: $15
A program that plays MP3 files! Imagine that!

Donation Manager -- Born: Free, Died: $25
A rather bland program to begin with, we weren't that disappointed to see this one go.

Monica -- Born: Free, Died: $20
Once a great download helper, now just another mediocre Internet tool.

People Book -- Born: Free, Died: $20
Once the best free contact manager, now just another overpriced wanna-be.

Sherlock Menu -- Born: Free, Died: $7
Installs a top menu to access Sherlock from any application.

TypeShuffler -- Born: Free, Died: $10.
A once-great utility to change the type and creator codes of files.