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Wayne State students find employment
opportunities with Inventive Communications

Right: Inventive Communications Consumer Relations Director Lydia Brasch looks on as Lindsey Walton, Erin Langemeier, and Patrick Jensen learn about Inventive Communications' "Inet Reading Assessment" service so they can sell the product to elementary schools.

Wayne State College graduates looking for long- or short-term employment opportunities may find a possibility right here in Wayne at Inventive Communications.

Started in 1997, Inventive Communications currently employs around 40 Wayne residents. The company offers a variety of services for K-12 educators through the Internet. Some of these include "Altona Ed," a system that allows parents and teachers to share information, and the "Inet Library," a collection of online information resources that President Rod Thompkins described as "an encyclopedia of Internet sites as large as 3,700 sets of encyclopedias."

Inventive Communications currently hires several WSC graduates, such as Amy Naber, a Marketing Assistant. She graduated last semester with a degree in Marketing, but she has been working at Inventive Communications since January 2001.

"They're very good about working around college students' schedules," she said. "Now that I'm starting a family, it's nice to be able to settle down."

Amy's husband, Brian Naber, also works at Inventive Communications as an Assistant Manager for Research, and he serves as the final editor for sites that get placed on the Inet Library.

Russ Volk, the system administrator for Inventive Communications, graduated from WSC in May, 2000 with a BS in Math. Some of his responsibilities include running the computer network, repairing computers, and some programming.

"Usually, there's a different challenge every day." he said. "I do a lot of things."

This week, Volk is concerned with moving the Inet Library servers from California to Omaha because the Inet Library had to be taken offline during the move.

On Monday, new telesales employees gathered in small workgroups to learn about a new product called the "Inet Reading Assessment," an online program designed to evaluate children's reading levels through interactive games.

"Kids love to use computers," said Lydia Brasch, Consumer Relations Director, "and the program can tell how much extra help students need by the responses they give."

The new recruits learned about the program and tried it out so they could be familiar with the new product when they sell it to K12 schools.

Unfortunately, Inventive Communications is fully staffed and has no current openings. They frequently hire students, however, and consider Wayne State College a valuable resource for bright, fully educated students.

"There's so much talent over there, we feel lucky." Brasch said, "and when we have openings, we let the college know."