Macintosh Makeover
Three great ways to customize your Macintosh's interface without spending a dime!

Pictures tell far more than words! Since version 8.5, the Mac OS has had the ability to use customized "themes" that can overhaul the entire interface. Unfortunately, Apple provided no additional themes other than the standard "Apple Platinum" interface. However, a few freelance groups have been busy working to create themes of their own. You can see a few examples above of what they can do.

You can check out these and many other slick interfaces on these sites:

Free utilities to alter your Mac's interface

  • Help to Icon -- Turn the "help" menu into any of several neat icons.
  • iMacolor -- Change the color of the Apple logo of the Apple menu and add some new trash can icons.
  • Prestissimo -- Easily modify the scroll bars and the application palette to how you like it best.
  • Rick's Sherlock 2 Patch -- Removes all traces of Sherlock 2's brushed metal appearance, thus resulting in a faster, easier to use interface.

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