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iPaint by Bill Atkinson

Remember dabbling around with good old MacPaint back in 1984? Remember how fun it was to push around those patterns with your paint brushes and see what neat stuff you could create? Do you wish you could relive the days when the Macintosh was a little magic box that made your dreams come true?

Well, now you can enjoy that same creative experience with Apple's new iPaint program! Apple has been working with Bill Atkinson, the creator of the original MacPaint program, to build a whole new paint program for today's digital artists. We have packed this little program with loads of great features that let you create dazzling pictures in just seconds! You can't buy it from any store, either — it comes bundled free with every one of our new Classic iMacs! Try one out today and see what you create!

With iPaint, you have your own virtual canvas where your ideas can come alive with vibrant colors!
With the innovative "brush magic" option, you can make any picture more lively and interesting.

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