Freeware for Palm OS

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Know of some cool free software for the Palm OS that's not listed here? Let me know so I can add it!

New Freewares

  • Pordic -- Pordic is a dictionary software for your Palm Organizer. The program and all dictionaries are completely free.
  • Enigma in the Wine Cellar -- Keep track of your wine collection.


  • HandyShopper -- Shopping database program.
  • BigClock -- Customizable alarm clock and timer. Very handy!
  • Calcul-8! -- Sophisticated replacement for the standard Palm calculator.
  • Due Yesterday -- Great organizer for students to keep track of classes and assignments. It even comes with extra software for your PC to keep you organized on your desktop and on your PDA!
  • ezConv DA NEW! -- Unit conversion
  • Launcher III -- Organize your apps with tabs. The newest version is no longer free, but this older one is free and it works great!
  • GLaunch -- Alternative launcher program.
  • Handy Shopper -- Create multiple shopping lists with all the details you need.
  • Hours -- Time tracking utility to see how much time you spend working and how much money you ought to get paid.
  • MyCheckbook -- balance your checkbook with your PDA.
  • Noah Lite -- A huge dictionary with over a hundred thousand words!
  • OliveTree -- Put the Bible on your PDA! You can easily jump right to the books and verses you want and even search through books for keywords. There are several versions available online, and you can switch between them on the fly.
  • TimeCopy -- Syncronize the time on your PDA with the time on your Mac!
  • Single Button Launcher -- Launch up to five apps with the four hardware buttons.
  • SysInfo -- Get useful information about your PDA and change how long it takes before it goes to sleep.


  • Banner -- Display huge tickertape messages on your screen.
  • Invaders -- A game like Space Invaders. Really close to the original.
  • iRogue -- A classic RPG with many nice features.
  • Pilomns NEW! -- Free game like Columns for Sega.
  • ShapeFall -- Tetris game. Need I say more?
  • Sol Free -- Free solitaire game with many options.
  • LR std -- Loderunner game with an edit mode option.
  • Geek Sounds -- A collection of unique alarms for your PDA, including tunes from many popular TV shows and movies.

Frisky Freeware

The software on this site has been tested with
a Visor Platinum with 8MB RAM and Palm OS 3.5.2H1.5