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How to draw Beanie
Lesson 2: the body

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Step one

Start with a circle for the head and then a "line of motion" to indicate the character's spine and start the framework for the rest of the body. It looks like a giant lollipop. I chose to have Beanie leaning back a little, relaxed and casual as always.

Step two

Use circles to indicate the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and other joins, as well as the hands and feet. Beanie's something of a defiant tomboy, so I decided to have her arms folded across her chest.

If you're measuring in "Heads," Beanie is usually around three and a half "heads" high.

Step three

Outline the arms and legs, giving Beanie a little dimension and define her hands and feet while you're at it.

Also put in some guidelines on the head to show which way her head is facing and add lines for the neck.

Step four

Put some clothes on her! Some loose-fitting jeans, t-shirt, basic shoes with a few lines for the laces. Put a few extra lines on top to show how her beanie is placed on her head. Also start on the face with some circles for the yes, semi-circles for ears and now, and a line for the mouth. Is she smirking?

Step five

How it's time to start adding details. Put some pupils in her eyes (nice and big, of course) and some eyebrows. Then out some in some hair sppilling out under her hat and through that little hole in the front that's supposed to be in the back. Also be sure to add some freckles, three on each cheek, and a few on her forearm.

As the for clothes, (which change from time to time but generally stay with t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers) I like to put with colored fringe on the neck and arm holes of the t-shirt, and I put a basic picture of rolling fields printed on her shirt. You can also add some patches on her knees and some cirlcles on the sides of her sneakers.

Step six

Time for ink! Use a black felt tip pen to outline the black areas you want to reproduce on the final cartoon. When I'm doodling, I also tend to use my pencil to shade in some of the areas to see how they might look after I color them in with darker hues.

Step seven

Use a kneaded eraser to clean up the pencil marks and leave you with a clean black and white image. Scan it into Photoshop as grayscale and use the "levels" to made the lines more solid and then choose "bitmap" from the "mode" submenu in the "image" menu.

Step eight

Color her in! Use the pencil tool with "darken" mode to color underneath the black lines and use the paint bucket for the rest. I usually give her blue clothes that seem to work well with her flaming red hair.

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Whole Body

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