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How to draw Beanie
Lesson 1: the face

Step one

Start off with a nice round circle for the head. Add a vertical guideline to show the center of the head and a horizontal line to show the positioning of the shoulders.

Step two

Add a second horizontal guideline for the face and put in a few circles for the shouilder. Then add a neck.

Step three

Add the face! Put the eyes just above the horizontal face guideline and put a small smicircle nose in between. Add a triangular mouth and put in a half-sphere for the beanie up at the top. You can also add irises and semicircles for ears to finish off the rest of the face. Eyebrows are good too.

Step four

Add some hair spilling out underneath the hat5 and bands spilling out through the hole in the backwards-facing beanie. Put in a few freckles, three on each cheek, and define the earlobes with a few curved lines.

Step five

Continue to define the face with darker lines, put in a fringe on the collar of Beanie's t-shirt, and add some teeth. Also add some extra lines to Beanie's beanie so we can see the countours. I often like to shade in the areas I plan to color darker later so I can see how they will look.

Step six

It's ink time! Put in some dark lines with a black felt tip pen, marking everything you want to remain in the finished cartoon.

Step seven

Use a kneaded rubber eraser to clean up the pencil marks and leave you with a clean black and white image ready for your scanner. Scan it into Photoshop and turn it into a clean bitmap image.

Step eight

Color the cartoon with Photoshop, using the pencil tool in "darken" coloring mode to color underneath the black outlines. Use the paint bucket to fil in the rest and you're done!

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