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How to draw Weenie
Lesson 1: the face

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Step one

Start with a circle and some guidelines--one vertical and one horizontal to indicate the countours of Weenie's spherical head. I also added a line to indicate the angle of his shoulders. Weenie's a shy kid, so I imagine he's fidgeting.

Step two

Put in some circles for his eyes just above the horizontal guideline, some bigger semicircles on the sides for the ears (and to indicate where you want the sides of the head to be) and add a little semi circle for the nose. Pencil in how the neck fits onto the shoulders and start rounding in where the cheeks start beneath the ears.

Step three

Now it starts getting fun! Put in the eyes (I made them staring up as if to ask "Who, me?") with some eyebrows and his mouth. Then added a few curves in the ear to define the earlobe. Put Weenie's hair down in two section, a part on the left and then a tall sweep over the rest of his head. Start adding some circles to show where you want his shoulders and arms (where visible) to be. I put his arm up somewhat defensively because he's kind of nervous.

Now you should have a basic outline of the whole picture.

Step four

Start refining the areas you've outlined. Put defining lines in the hair to show how it flows, define the edges of the shirt (put some stripes in it), and finish the outline of his arm and hand.

Step five

Ink him up! Use a felt-tip marker or whatever you like to put some nice dark lines over all the areas you want to be in the final cartoon.

Step six

Use a kneaded rubber eraser to remove the rough pencil lines and leave a clean, crisp image that is ideal for scanning. I prefer to scan the image as grayscale and then use levels to turn it to pure black and white. You can also choose "bitmap" from the "mode" submenu in the "image" menu and choose "50% threshhold from the options.

Step seven

Color him in! Use the pencil took in "darken" mode to color right over the black lines and then use the paintpucket to fill in the rest.

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